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Pre-Planning Form

When choosing to pre-plan a funeral, all of your thoughts and wishes are planned for. Your family will know exactly what you want, and not what they think you might have wanted. At Clora Funeral Home, our professional and caring staff will assist you with drafting and planning your vision exactly as you wish. This will eliminate any second guessing by your loved ones as to whether or not they have honored you according to your preferences.

One of the many benefits of pre-planning a funeral is not only eliminating the burden of last minute family planning, but also the advantage of securing the costs of services at today’s rate. Pre-funding the funeral guarantees that goods and services selected today will not cost any more tomorrow, even at the time of need.

When you pre-plan and pre-fund, your funds are held in a trust by a financial institution, contracted solely for providing the very services you have requested, so that during your time of need, neither you nor your family will have to pay a penny more, everything is taken care of.

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